ETNetwork offers an infrastructure for digital receipts that improve daily administration for small and large corporations.

Transaction information is leveraged into business value.

  • Research shows that administrative costs are reduced with 50% for businesses using digital receipts. Join us to offer a better service to your customers.

  • Every year almost 4 million trees are cut down to meet the demand for paper receipts in Europe alone. Join us to help save the environment.

  • Studies show that 9 out of 10 consumers prefer digital receipts. Join us to give your customers a better shopping experience.


In collaboration with banks and merchants, ETNetwork is implementing an infrastructure for digital receipts in the Nordic region. Everyone wins with digital receipts: consumers, corporations, merchants and the environment. Join us.


For corporations, research shows that administrative costs are reduced with 50% when implementing digital receipts.


Merchants gain a competitive advantage when adapting to the increasing demand for digital receipts among consumers and organizations.


Digital receipts simplify the shopping process for consumers, and make it easier for them to invoke their consumer rights.


Digital receipts are completely valid.
The Nordic Tax Agencies and Accounting Standards Boards recognize digital receipts as accounting information.


Paper receipts have a devastating impact on the environment. Every year almost 4M trees are cut down to meet the demand for receipts in Europe alone. 

Make a difference.

ETNetwork reduces your company’s ecological footprint. Over 1.5 billion receipts are printed each year in Sweden, contributing towards 60,000 lost trees. ETNetwork’s paperless alternative for transaction information helps bring that closer to zero. ETNetwork was presented as finalist in WWF Climate Solver.

WWF Climate Solver is a innovations portal developed by WWF in order to strengthen the development and widespread use of technologies that can dramatically reduce carbon-dioxide emissions or increase access to energy around the globe.


Looking for a smooth and automatic process for your companies receipts?




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